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Grand Action Big Size Model Great Mazinger JUNGLE Limited Anime Color Ver.

Price: ¥ 43,780


Release Date: 2020/01/30
Released in Japan on February 1, 2020!

● Parts composition: Main body (Great Mazinger)… 1, Scramble dash… 1 set, Mazinger blade… 2, Brain condor… 1, Drill pressure punch parts… 1 set, Great boomerang… 1, Back spin kick… 1 set, Knee impulse Kick ... 1 set

Copyright Go Nagai / Dynamic Planning
● Full length: Approximately 45cm

-`Great Mazinger` who fought with the mechanical beast of Mycenae Empire appeared in GABM!
-A huge body with a total height of about 45 cm is powerful!
-And it's not just big!
-Excellent thing that can be enjoyed as an action figure, of course the part that bears the burden of the joints that support the huge body uses die cast and supplements the strength, so you can enjoy various poses with peace of mind.
-In addition to scramble-(wing development version) and Mazinger blade as optional parts, parts that can reproduce drill pressure punch, great boomerang, back spin kick, knee impulse kick, etc. are also included.
-The plain condor on the head is removable, and the cockpit rotates.
-Please expect the huge work figure GABM series latest work (Great Mazinger)!!

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