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Welcome to Entertainment Hobby Shop JUNGLE!

First opened in Osaka in 1995 and later in 2001 in Los Angeles “JUNGLE” is one of Japan’s highest rated retailers for products related to Japanese animation and Live Action Heroes series. We ship hobby products around the world from Japan… domestic prices!

Shopping at our website is just the same as shopping direcly in Japan (not counting shipping cost, of course) In our site you can find hundreads of products such as Action Figures- Action Dolls- Chogokin- DX- Transformers – EX Gokin – Saint Seiya Mith Cloth – OnePiece- Hot Toys – Enterbay – Gunpla – Garage Kit – Resin Kit – Statues -Vintage toys – Japanese Heroines Figures- Nendoroid- Figma- Japanese Live Action Heroes Figures&Dolls – Tokusatsu- Japanese Movie’s monsters – Videogame’s Characters Toys- CD&DVDs – Trading Cards- Toy Cars……and more!!!

As of 2013 JUNGLE has a staff of 48 people composed by 46 Japanese, 1 Italian and 1 Taiwanese…we all are avid fans of Figures&Toys and want to enable others to enjoy the experience of collecting such toys!

REMEMBER, we are collectors too!!!

Thank you

International Sales Manager Matteo Recchia Togni

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